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Leslie Field, Ph.D.
Nasreen Chopra, Ph.D
Neha Choksi, MSEE

MEMS and Nanotechnology

Microscale fabrication

Nanoscale fabrication and characterization

Engineering: electrical and chemical
Science: physics and mathematics
Invention, Research & Development
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Leslie Field, Ph.D.

Dr. Leslie Field is the Founder and Managing Member of SmallTech Consulting, LLC. Leslie has a background in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Corporate R&D, and consulting. In 2002 she founded MEMS Insight, Inc., which has provided consulting services to a broad spectrum of companies on their technical and strategic projects. Previously, Dr. Field worked in MEMS R&D at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories/Agilent Laboratories and while there, played a key role in starting HP Labs' Micromechanics group and worked on a variety of MEMS projects and devices. Farther back, Leslie's work at Chevron Research Company resulted in improved commercial refining methods for various petroleum-based products. Dr. Field has served on conference technical program committees and as a scientific reviewer for NIH. She is an inventor on thirty-six patents and an author on fourteen technical publications. Dr. Field earned PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley's Sensor & Actuator Center, and MS and BS degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT.

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Nasreen Chopra, Ph.D

Dr. Nasreen Chopra is an entrepreneur with ten years of experience in discovering, developing and transferring new materials technology into application. Dr. Chopra was co-founder and CEO of Koila, Inc, a venture backed start-up company addressing cooling of microelectronics, where she generated core IP in thermal application of nanotubes, raised Series A funding from top tier venture capitalists, and built a multi-disciplinary team of engineers establishing world's leading expertise of nanotube growth on copper. Nasreen's experience also includes work at Agilent Laboratories on nanopore synthesis (10 - 100 nm diameter) and fast x-ray imaging systems to inspect printed circuit boards. At Applied Materials, she was core member of the team that developed Black Diamond, a leading low-k dielectric film currently in manufacture. Dr. Chopra earned Ph.D., M.A. and B.S. degrees in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. She is an inventor on numerous pending patents, and has authored 20 technical publications.

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Neha Choksi, MSEE

Ms. Choksi earned an MS in Electrical Engineering with a MEMS specialization from Stanford University and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University. Ms. Choksi teaches a course on Nanofabrication* at Foothill College. She has worked for startups and premier firms as an Engineering Manager and a Director of Business Development, and as a Strategic Management Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company. Neha is active in multiple IEEE chapters including serving as treasurer of Women in Engineering and a committee member of the San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council. She has published technically, and enjoys working to balance market/business and technical perspectives.

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