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Feature in MEMS Investor Journal:

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies' energy efficient displays (March 30, 2010)

by Leslie Field, Ph.D. and Shalini Venkatesh, Ph.D., SmallTech Consulting, LLC

At a recent seminar sponsored by the IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council (March 16th, 2010), Rashmi Rao, a Senior R&D Engineer at Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, gave a well-received talk titled, “From Butterfly Wings to Energy Efficient Displays”. The industry's first mobile display based on interferometric modulation (or IMOD: a reflective display technology that uses MEMS structures), Qualcomms’s displays offer low power consumption and superb viewing quality in a variety of ambient lighting conditions (including even in bright sunlight).  These displays have been hailed as a game changer that is poised to revolutionize mobile devices and e-readers.  Continue reading "Qualcomm MEMS Technologies' energy efficient displays" »

Feature in Small Times Magazine:

HP: Making distributed sensing a reality (March 2, 2010)

by Neha K. Choksi, Consultant, SmallTech Consulting, LLC

March 2, 2010 - It has been more than a decade since Kris Pister introduced the concept of "smart dust": a distributed wireless network of sensors with self-contained sensing, computation, communication, and power. Although there are a handful of companies in this space (Crossbow Technology, Dust Networks, GainSpan, Arch Rock, for example), distributed wireless sensing networks have yet to hit main stream. At the IEEE Bay Area Nanotechnology meeting on February 16, 2010, Dr. Peter Hartwell revealed new efforts at Hewlett Packard that could change all of that. Continue reading "HP: Making distributed sensing a reality" >>

Feature in Small Times Magazine:

Microfluidics: Practical advice and predictions (Feb 8, 2010)

by Neha K. Choksi, SmallTech Consulting, LLC

Historically, the microfluidics industry has been challenged to achieve a strong return on investment. With the exception of inkjet printing, a key killer application has yet to be identified. This leaves many wondering whether the field has true potential or whether reality is masked in hype. Dr. Holger Becker, co-founder and CSO of microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, shared insights and perspective gained from his nearly 20 years in the industry with the Bay Area MEMS Journal Club on January 28, 2010.  Continue reading "Microfluidics: Practical avice and predictions" >>

A selection of some older White Papers:

Special One-Day Workshop Co-Produced by MEPTEC and MEMS Investor Journal

MEMS Testing and Reliability - Lessons Learned from the MEMS and Semiconductor Industries

This program included a luncheon presentation by Dr. Leslie Field and Dr. Janelle Gunther, of SmallTech Consulting, on Packaging of BioMEMS
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Workshop description
MEMS testing and reliability assurance are some of the most critical processes to ensure high yields and profitability.  According to recent studies, the total world MEMS test equipment market generated revenues of $50-$60 million in 2007, at a growth rate of approximately 10 percent.  While MEMS testing is similar to chip testing in the semiconductors industry, MEMS devices present further challenges because mechanical, chemical and optical parameters must be tested in addition to electrical properties.  MEMS foundries and even fabless MEMS companies need to ensure that they have in-house expertise in MEMS testing and reliability.  This workshop will ensure that your organization stays current with the latest MEMS testing and reliability trends and therefore decrease waste while increasing yields and profitability. 

Seminar at the January meeting of the Bay Area MEMS Journal Club
TITLE: MEMS/NEMS Technology for Medical Applications
SPEAKERS: Dr. Leslie Field, Ms. Neha Choksi, Dr. Janelle Gunther, SmallTech Consulting, LLC
WHEN: Wednesday, January 24, 2007, talk at 7:30 PM
WHERE: Palo Alto Research Center, 3333 Coyote Hill Rd, Palo Alto, CA, PARC Auditorium
ABSTRACT: The use of MEMS/NEMS technology in medical applications is a growing area with immense commercial promise.  Increasing demand for improved healthcare at reduced cost, accentuated by the needs of an aging population, makes development of micro-scale and nano-scale biomedical technologies an attractive opportunity.   Some opportunities for small-scale technologies in medical applications will be outlined, including a brief overview of MEMS and NEMS in medical applications, a look at MEMS/microfluidics opportunities in dialysis, and a perspective on materials characterization and failure analysis in medical and bioanalytical devices.

Seminar, sponsored by The San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council
TITLE: Prospects for Carbon Nanotubes
SPEAKER: Dr. Nasreen Chopra - Founding Member, SmallTech Consulting, LLC
WHEN: Tuesday, August 15, 2006
WHERE: National Semiconductor, 955 Kifer Road, Santa Clara, CA Building 31
ABSTRACT: Even though nanotechnology has become a household name, few nanotube applications have actually been delivered to the market place. Why? This presentation will describe a time line for various nanotube applications and the technical challenges that need to be overcome to realize the promise. Also, start-ups are playing an active role in this field--what will it take for them to succeed?  Their needs and potential pitfalls will also be discussed.

Feature in MEMS Investor Journal:

Biomedical applications for MEMS and microfabrication (Aug 10, 2006)

BioMEMS has been talked about as one of the most promising areas of microfabrication technologies. We recently spoke with Dr. Leslie Field and Neha Choksi of SmallTech Consulting about the current and future applications of BioMEMS as well as technologies which are now being commercialized by startups and Fortune 500 companies. Continue reading "Biomedical applications for MEMS and microfabrication" »

The MEMS and Nanotechnology Clearinghouse also linked to this feature as its lead story (Aug 10, 2006).

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